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The LMS Project

The project "Empowerment of teachers/trainers via online collaborative LMS" aims to prepare material and training methods that will train teachers / trainers into using LMS (Learning Management Systems). By harnessing the potential of the (collaborative) LMS and accompanied tools, it will empower teachers / trainers into better delivering their courses and will train them to better use ICT for their overall personal development.

This training is especially important for VET organizations, where

a) Teachers / Trainers need to enrich their ICT/Internet skills in order for them to meet the contemporary needs and furthermore,
b) to have a positive impact on their trainees/students (i.e.: to enhance the interest of trainees/students via LMS/ICT/Internet, bringing together the knowledge of teachers/trainers with the needs and interests of trainees/students).

The teachers / trainers that are to be trained within this project are expected to act as multipliers disseminating the learned skills to their colleagues and students.

The concept of the project (collaborative / LMS) involves the characteristic of "distance learning". This is an added value for people with disabilities or with limited access to the education system, being offered the chance to deliver courses from any convenient place with internet (if they are teachers / trainers) and to follow a course (if they are students).

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Estonia, Lithuania, UK.